Saturday, 13 November 2010

A trip from Istanbul to Buyukada on the Fenerbahce

I have dug out a set of images taken in 2007 recording a trip across the Bosphorus from Istanbul to Buyukada on the 1952-vintage Clyde-built passenger ferry Fenerbahce. 2007 proved to be the vessel's final year in service, after which she was presented to the Istabul Technical Museum for preservation. A wonderful ship, she was full of happy passengers going for a pleasure trip on the national holiday following Turkey's General Election - as well as some regular commuters. Notwithstanding more than half-a-century of constant and hard service, throughout, she was intact and as-built down to the smallest details.


Passengers on one of the Fenerbahce's outside decks (left) and the funnel livery of the Turkish Maritime Lines - the crossed anchors and crescent moon logo is a classic and once seen on the company's ships throughout the Mediterranean.

Passengers read newspapers in one of the lounges (above left) and a group of young men who really wanted to have their photographs taken. In Britain, people usually shy away from the camera (perhaps, in part, because the beauty industry has succeeded in persuading us all that we are ugly) whereas in Turkey, complete strangers often seem very pleased to be photographed - even although they'll never see the result. It seems they're just content to know that a picture of them exists somewhere - or maybe it's just teenage bravado?


People and goods for intermediate piers.


The Fenerbahce's engine room and her builder's plate.


The lavatory - offering the possibility of a pleasant squat.

Bosphorus ferries docked three-deep at Buyukada; nearest the camera is the Italian-built Pasabahce, whose funnel resembles the Italia Line's Andrea Doria and Giulio Cesare.


Once the passengers emptied out, it was possible to examine the saloons and lounges in detail. There was much to delight the eye.

Sturdy 1950s Scottish-made ship furniture (above) and decorative etched glass screens in late-Art Deco (below).


Photographs of the launch at William Denny & Bros' Dumbarton shipyard in 1952 by W. Ralston, a famous Glasgow-based professional photographer.


Ceiling lights and punkah louvre ventilators (above left) and the ladies' lounge (above right and below).


Loudspeakers (above left) and the capstan on the bow (above right).


Me at the gangway at Buyukada (above left) and crowds dashing for various ferries (above right).

Fenerbahce at Buyukada.


Buyukada ferry pier - a magnificent example of its kind.

Fenerbahce sets of for Istanbul.

Back in Istanbul, I encountered another Clyde-built passenger ship, the Oceanic II, ex Kungsholm of 1966.

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