Saturday, 6 November 2010

Llangollen Railway

Now that the winter nights are drawing in, it's time to reprise some of the adventures of the past year - beginning with a little visit to the Llangollen Railway in mid-Wales to examine some vintage diesel multiple units - the trains introduced by British Railways on branch lines from the latter-1950s onwards.

Pretty Llangollen.


The whizzy 1950s interior of a Wickham- built 2-coach diesel set, recently restored to its original specification.

The First Class compartment - plenty of legroom.

Second Class non-smoking passengers.


The Wickham DMU in all its malachite green splendour.


Great Western bench and feed to put a smile on any any heffer's face.

GWR rural idyll.

The type of food railway enthusiasts eat (ocean liner enthusiasts are much more fussy).

The remarkable autotrailer train, a primitive sort of multiple unit with a steam locomotive at the centre, sandwiched between two coaches with driving cabs at each end. A system of steel bars, joined with flexible couplings, allows the driver to control the locomotive's regulator and brake, as shown below.



Inside a GWR autotrailer.


Superior fags.


Interior of a Cravens DMU (above) with wavy seat backs and oval mirrors and details of a Pressed Steel DMU (below) with some rather groovy yellow formica - and more oval mirrors.



First and Second Class in a DMU built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company. This had parafin heating, which made a lovely warm oily smell inside.


DMUs in the lush mid-Wales countrside. The Llangollen Railway is delightful.

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