Friday, 25 February 2011

Model Rail Scotland

The annual Scottish model railway exhibition was held between 25 and 27 February in the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow. I have never possessed a model railway, I regret, but I find such miniature worlds absolutely engrossing. They are beautiful and often surreal in equal measure. Those who model them take their tasks very seriously though - as one can tell from the intense looks of concentration on their faces.


Two charming early industrial settings with a carefully positioned partition wall to keep them separated.


Autumn in New England.


An industrial setting.


An American express train passes a junk yard piled high with crushed automobiles.

The best railway in show was 'Spijkspoor' and this had come all the way from near to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It depicted a series of Dutch urban, rural and coastal scenes in the 1950s.





Fifers deep in concentration.



Connoisseurs of fine art examine a gallery full of masterful depictions of railway scenes. Clement Greenberg would not have approved.

Well, he can boast.



The hypnotic qualities of a Fife cement depot.



The Railway Inn receives a renovation.


Part of the scenic West Highland Line. Note the tourists taking a breather on the terrace of their hotel.

Lord of all he surveys.


A commuter train rumbles through a very green and verdant landscape.


Another favourite of mine - Donegal in Ireland, charmingly rendered in cardboard.



Relaxation in the Bavarian Alps.


Prize-winning garden with orchard adjacent.


      Naughty engine being disciplined.



Fat Tony's Used Auto shack.


Reading the newspaper on a bench at a wayside halt.



Deforestation in progress.

The hunt drop in for a few pints.


A diversity of gentlemen and their models.


My award for the most surreal railway - and also the most charming. If Teletubbies went by train...

Scenic accessories.




Fairground attractions - love the rococo organ.



A scene from the North-East of England coalflield.


The flat panorama one sees in Morpeth and a slightly decrepit freight yard.


An old restaurant car reaches the scrapyard.


Just Like The Real Thing.


Ten Commandments StoneCast Model Accessories.


An LMS Pacific lovingly rendered in Meccano.