Monday, 25 October 2010


Photographs taken on a morning visit to Hirtshals in Denmark in October 2010. Hirtshals is a fishing and ferry port on Jutland's North West coast, facing the Skagerrak - which was whipped up by an autumn gale.

Interior of Danish State Railways (DSB) IC3 train


Color Line's Superspeed 1 approaches from Kristiansand in Norway. The Superspeed ferries are among the most impressive around nowadays - sleek, stylish, capacious and fast:



An unwanted German gift on the beach.

The view South along the sand dunes.


Here comes Superspeed 2 - arriving from Larvik:


Some scenes from the fishing port:



Meanwhile, in town we find:


Municipal building and a church with a play-church for children adjacent:


Superspeed 1 leaves Hirtshals:





Color Line play-ferry on a camping and caravan site:


Superspeed 2 sets sail:




Hirtshals signs:


Things to do when you're bored: