Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sveti Stefan II and Montenegro

Back in July, I made a trip from Ancona in Italy to Bar in Montenegro on Montenegro Lines' Sveti Stefan II. Originally the German Prinz Hamlet on the Hamburg-Harwich route, dating from 1973, the vessel clearly has not been well looked after by her present owner. Indeed, she is probably the worst I have ever encountered. (An old ferry need not be below par - Jadrolinija's Marko Polo, for example, is is superb condition.) Fortunately, Montenegro itself proved to be very interesting and attractive.


The Sveti Stefan Ii arrives in Ancona - looking shipshape externally, at least.


Orange stairs from the vehicle deck and 1970s signs.


Midships lounge and cafeteria


Many of the advertisements in the hallways dated from the 1990s - a period when the ship was under Polferries ownership.

Leaving Ancona with Ancona and Riviera Del Conero in the background.


The pub and the forward bar - neither had tonic water, or much else.

The dining saloon - which was actually quite clean. But the food...

No comment needed.

Time for a shower. Or perhaps not, actually.


The plumbing barely worked and all the urinals and WCs were backed up. Oh, well, best use an empty plastic bottle instead.


The air conditioning didn't work either - so the cabins were like ovens. It looked like it hadn't worked for a long time, judging by the state of the ventilators.


One of the suites on boat deck - with Polish furniture - and an original 1973 carpet.


 Montenegro is a lovely country, though. Here I am in front of Sveti Stefan (the place)
which, strangely, is a private haven for international celebrities and closed to the public.

Downtown Bar with Communist era shopping mall.

Bar yacht marina at dusk.

Sveti Stefan II - poor ship.


  1. I cannot imagine a whole ship whose plumbing was backed up that badly. Then again, you are writing this and are an expert at evoking strong reactions from your public. Consider me reacted....MageB from LL as.....

  2. Seems that the ships many times looks fine on the outside but on the inside they are really run down.. One company that interests me a lot is jadrolinija, how are they in terms of safety and maintainance, looks great from the outside to judge, all of their ships almost :D

  3. Hello,
    15 years after this writing of the Sveti Stefan II, I can confirm exactly the same about this ship.
    I´ve took this ferry from Bar (Montenegro) to Bari (Italy), and just before boarding I could read this blog, then I was prepared about what I was going to see inside.
    Inside minor changes, the stairs were now covered with white wall paper, but the carpets still the same as well all the 1970s signs, the cafeteria have no carpet now and have only 6 tables, and the “disco” is reconverted into a “Pullman class” with armchairs, but the original wood bar still there..
    I had a double interior cabin, it was ok, but the bathroom was very, very stinky, I haven´t got the courage to take a shower in there.
    Poor ship..