Sunday, 23 September 2012

P&O Grand Event

Now that Autumn is here, it is time to reprise some of my summer experiences. In early-July, I went to Southampton for P&O Cruises' 'Grand Event', celebrating the 175th anniversary of P&O - or, at least, one of the stumps remaining of that once vast shipping empire. On 3 July, the entire P&O Cruises fleet - seven ships - was in port and, that evening, they all sailed in procession. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible all day but, even so, it was possible to take a few nice photographs of 'Les Anglais' doing what they do best - determinedly having a good time in the rain.

Mr Whippy van: prime feature of summertime England:

Here comes Balmoral:


Daytime fireworks in P&O houseflag colours:

Raincoats - also in P&O colours:

Dinner on the Princess Caroline:

Shieldhall steaming upriver:

One of the trip's other great highlights was this outstanding pie, lovingly cooked by a friend in London. She wins huge plaudits for her pie-making - it was unctuous: