Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Some photographs from a brief weekend visit to Halmstad (and Helsingør) in mid-November 2010


With my good friends Siv Bergenek and Klas Brogren - and a highly personalised starter for dinner.

We start with a short 20-minute crossing of The Sound to Denmark on Scandlines' ferry Hamlet:


Rød pølser were on the fast food menu: strangely, in the advertisement, these luridly-coloured, chemically-laced sausages are surrounded by salad.

Kronborg Castle in its Baroque finery

An afternoon visit to the legendary passenger ship naval architect Tage Wandborg - creator of numerous exquisite ferries and cruise ships.

Back in Halmstad, the next day, a visit is paid to a new eco-house, designed by Ejje Brogren, the talented son of my good friend (and ShipPax's proprietor), Klas Brogren:

Ejje and Klas work out how to get inside.

The minimalist kitchen as it is supposed to be seen.

One of my favourite inter-war buildings anywhere is Halmstad's 1938-built City Hall - a masterpiece of Swedish modernism at its most exquisite, designed by  Yngve Ahlblom and Nils Sterner: 












Halmstad by night:

The recent library, overhanging the river, by Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen:

Swedes are very sensitive and sophisticated people and it was therefore not surprising to find no less than two toilets containing reading material about the cruise ship Norwegian Epic to inspire the production of weightily damning verdicts.

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