Sunday, 14 November 2010

Things seen in the East Midlands

Nottingham - the Croydon of Middle England - in all its 1960s glory.








Some really beautiful graffiti - good colours and nice the way it responds to the forms of the surfaces to which it is applied.



Monumental pit-head gear in the style of Dudok - a surviving remnant of the once-great Nottinghamshire Coal Field.








The mighty John Player tobacco factory - a fine work by that great architectural practice, Arup Associates.

Decidedly sub-Mies curtain walling.

Nearly all of the mining towns surrounding Nottingham have rather stylish 1930s cinemas (developed mainly to entertain the wives and children while the miners were down the pits). Several survive as bingo halls. This is the Strand, Warsop. Apart from bring of interest as a fine example of a 'streamline moderne' cinema, it is also notable for its fine collection of vintage bingo equipment.



Another even better example of the species clinging on to life is the old Regors Cinema in Worksop, also a slightly scuzzy bingo hall:



There is no more tragic sight than partially-deflated balloons. Note also that packs of toilet rolls figure amongst the prizes on offer.


Not sure what that is, but positive that I don't want one.

Amazing what lurks above false ceilings.

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  1. ) Comments. Your adventures above the ceiling is to be much commended, and just makes me want to see what is above the other ceilings.