Sunday, 7 November 2010



The beautiful MS Ancona (originally Rederi AB Svea's Svea of 1966 and, later, Svenska Lloy'd Saga) has recently been sold for scrap to Indian breakers at Alang. These images were taken during a crossing from Split in Croatia to Ancona in Italy in July 2010 during her final season. The Ancona was one of the very last remaining 'classic' 1960s passenger vessels with an interior completely outfitted in hardwood veneer - and, besides, she represented the very best of 1960s Swedish shipboard design, being the work of Eva Ralf, Astrid Sampe and Rolf Carlsson.


The forward-facing port side dining saloon (above) , featuring Orrefors light fittings.

The starboard dining saloon, once known as the Restaurant Andalucia.



The cocktail bar and lounge (above) and the cafeteria (below):



The entrance hallway, with ornate stair balustrades.

Scenes on the sun decks.


The Lindholmen builder's plate, mounted on the forward superstructure.


A table top in the cocktail bar (above) and passengers enjoying their drinks (below):


Dinner time:




My cabin, with two blue washbasins - one for washing face and cleaning teeth. And the other? Suggestions on a postcard...


The navigation bridge and chartroom.


A luxury cabin.



The upper car deck and lower trailer deck: the Svea and her sisters were among the first ferries to separate private and commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, the main vehicle deck doesn't have much free height for lorries.

The original name and port of registry, still visible through many layers of paint.


  1. You look very dashing through the smoke from the previous ferry's exhaust. I'm so sorry this beautiful piece of design is going to Alang. Thank you so much for tours of both.

  2. Those ferries were really special ones... And as ANCONA the SVEA / HISPANIA / SAGA had the Svenska Lloyd star again fitted to the bow. How nice...