Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wyk am För

Images from a short trip by ferry from  Dagebüll to Wyk on the island of För in Germany's North Friesian Islands in Schleswig-Holstein. These islands are served by the splendid vessels of the long-established Wyker Dampfschiff Reederei (WDR).

Onboard the MS Nordfriesland.

The saloon - in typically German 1980s/90s 'ferry style' with pastel colours, light woodwork and lots of plants.

Off Dagebüll, we pass the brand new car ferry Uthlande (built by Sietas) and the old Insel Amrum.

Approaching Wyk - a very pretty seaside resort (I love the North German seaside!).

The old Uthlande laid up and, presumably, for sale.

Lovely Wyk.

Various WDR ferries pass by on their busy way between the islands.

Wyk signs: the Deutsche Mark door handles on the bank are rather a fine detail (above right).

The Schleswig-Holstein approaches while the new Uthlande passes the beach.

Holidaymakers enjoy lunch as the Rungholt arrives.

Wyk has a surprisingly big and busy ferry port.

The bow of a vintage coaster (above left), the excursion boat Rüm Hart (above right) and the wheelhouse of a stylish fishing boat (below).

The Rungholt viewed through the Schleswig-Holstein's restaurant windows (above left)  and leaving Wyk (above right).

Onboard the Schleswig-Holstein.

Mmmmm! Luncheon in the restaurant consists of traditional German 'ferry food' - tomato soup with a big dollop of cream, a frikadelle (pork meat ball)  with potato salad and apple tart - all delivered at once. Lots of calories!

We pass the Nordfriesland off Dagebüll where, at the quay, a boat train awaits. How very civilised!

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