Saturday, 25 September 2010


Now that the evenings are drawing in and it is beginning to feel autumnal, it is time to reprise the summer adventures - so here are photographs taken in Palermo, Sicily in late-June 2010:

Palermo's answer to the Royal Albert Hall.

Horses' Entrance.

Kiosks from La Belle Epoque

Art Nouveau ironwork.

In front of the opera and a branch of the Banco di Sicilia.

Mosaic and decorative metalwork on the Banco di Sicilia's facade, depicting one of Palermo's major sources of wealth - shipbuilding.

Swish 1950s interior decorations - this is the 'TN Andrea Doria' of banks.

Luncheon break


Another branch of the Banco di Sicilia - this time a 1930s example.

Period shop sign.

Crack'd Temple of Thespis.

Amazing Art Nouveau park.

Trees and naturalistic ironwork in perfect harmony.

Oriental pavilion.

1970s 'space age' restaurant - alas, closed.

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