Saturday, 25 September 2010

MacBrayne's car ferry Columba

Recently, senior members of the Royal Family holidayed in the Hebrides aboard the chartered cruise ship Hebridean Princess. This was once of MacBrayne's trio of 1964-built car ferries, named the Columba. Recently, I acquired an old MacBrayne brochure showing how the vessel and her two sisters looked onboard when first delivered.

The original interior design was actually the first work of a Glasgow School of Art interior design student called John McNeece. Many years later, McNeece because a leading designer of cruise ship interiors.

The Hebridean Princess anchored off Mull.

Flashback to 1964...

The bar and the restaurant.

Flash forward to 2010 and the scene onboard is very different - there's even a fake open fireplace (yes, on a ship!).


  1. Amazing. I liked that "Danish Modern" especially the light pastels. No more regimented lines of tables? Darn.

    Thanks too for the banks and parks and Jonathan. You have had a good year.

  2. This time I AM being a smart alec but that's the Hebrides at Tarbert Pier, not the Columba. Tut tut.