Monday, 13 September 2010


A few hours in the Malaysian port city Penang during my recent Superstar Virgo trip revealed a wealth of colonial architecture and quirky signs. First, though, there were harbour movements to enjoy, beginning with the departure of New Century Cruise Line's casino ship Amusement World (originally Swedish Lloyd's Southampton-Santander ferry Patricia of 1967).

Me at the cruise terminal (left) and a broad diversity of forbidden imports (right).

Teksi! (special sign for visitors from Glasgow's West End, I suspect).

On one of the cross-harbour ferries.

Star Pisces (ex Kalypso) with Superstar Virgo to the rear (left) and a harbour ferry passing the Brostrom-chartered tanker Bro Malaysia (right).

One of the world's less-discussed passenger-cargo liners (of all-timber construction).

Decaying colonial buildings (above) and Malaysian modernism (below).

More signs of the colonial past.

Buddist temples (above) and a Hindu temple (below right).

Outside the naval base.

The casino ship Royale Star at Penang cruise terminal.

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