Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nigata and Sado Island

Here's another installment of Japanese adventures. We begin in the port city of Nigata on the Sea of Japan and feature a day trip to and from Sado Island, which lies about three hours off shore by ferry.

Parts of Nigata viewed from my hotel room window in early morning light:


The Hotel Nigata had interiors claimed to be 'inspired by a Scandinavian cruise ship.' For Japanese, the idea of a Scandinavian cruise ship probably seems incredibly tasteful and exclusive. If only they knew the awful truth! Anyway, it proved to be a very nice hotel indeed:


Early morning Shin Nihonkai arrival:


Sado Kisen arrival - Oosado Maru, one of the fine ferries serving Sado Island:

Inside Sado Kisen's terminal:

Sado Kisen bento box with 3-D paper ferry built into the lid:

Oosado Maru's grand atrium:

First Class dormitory:


How to wear a lifejacket:

Luxury cabin (the crossing is not much more than three hours' duration, but overnight mini-cruises sometimes are offered):

Another warning for doggy owners (impressive poo-size relative to dog):

Time to sample the shipboard cuisine:

Variegated seats on deck:

Passing the fleetmate, Okado Maru:

Map of Sado Island:

It is impressively mountainous:

Boeing Jetfoil departures and arrivals:

Approaching the berth at Ryotsu:

Inside the Ryotsu ferry terminal:

Oosado Maru leaving Ryotsu:

Downtown Ryotsu:

Wax models of food in a restaurant window:

Some nice vintage shop signs:

Not precisely the Hilton:



Some illuminated signs in Ryotsu ferry terminal:

Jetfoil departure lounge:

Another illuminated sign plus some details thereof:

 Okado Maru, our ship for the return trip to Nigata:


She too had a grand atrium:


The 'Event Plaza' onboard Okado Maru:

Onboard signs:

Luxury cabin:


Second Class dormitory:

Leaving Sado Island:


Arriving back at Nigata:

Nigata by night:

Dinner in a restaurant where all the hip young things were hanging out:

 More to follow shortly!

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