Sunday, 6 May 2012

Kitakami and Sunflower Furamo

Here are more images from Japan, beginning with a trip from Tomakomai to Sendai on the splendid MS Kitakami of Taiheyo Ferry - a vessel which went straight into a high spot position as one of my all-time favourite ferries. Tomakomai ferry port also proved to be a fine place, having a port museum in the terminal and allowing visitors to walk along the quayside.

The Kitakami:

Sunflower Furamo at the next berth:

The brand new Silver Princess arrives:

An impromptu visit to the Silver Princess:


Even the mooring ropes are pink - such attention to detail:


Nice models in the Port Museum:

Subsequently very famous in Greece:

Taiheyo Ferry check-in:

The Kitakami's entrance hall:



The arcade, connecting the various public rooms:

The show lounge:


Out on deck in the evening, just prior to departure:

Dinner in the Grosvenor House Restaurant:

Chef cooking steaks to order:


 Taiheyo Ferry Japanese red wine - really very decent indeed:

Rather cute waitress bringing tea:

And some more wine - it was necessary to drink quite a lot just to confirm that initial positive impressions were correct:

The waitresses had translation cards, supplied by the company, to help them serve non-Japanese speaking guests:

That was a proper dinner!

The bar:


Capsule cabins - I had one of these this time:

It may not be much, but to me it's home (at least for one night):

Howthe other half live - an eighties-tastic luxury cabin:

Even with mini-bar:

Be careful out on deck:

The next morning, off Sendai:

Breakfast instructions:

The forward-facing observation lounge:

Approaching Sendai:

Painfully slow bus to the city centre:

Pink rabbit traffic cone (the orange cone adjacent appears pleased to see it):

A quick glimpse of downtown Sendai:

Extremely streamlined Shinkansen:

Changing trainsat Ueno:

School children going on a trip:

The next train was a 'Fresh Hitachi' - very smart:

Turning round all the seats:

New antimacassars:

Another change of trains at Mito onto something a little less salubrious, but rather characterful:

The line to Oarai is entirely elevated on a concrete viaduct:

Oarai Ferry Terminal:


Sunflower Furamo at Oarai:

Onboard, the Sunflower Furamo proved to be a most eccentric and weird ferry - nothing quite connected together and things were all in unexpected places and odd in terms of scale, shape and decor. A real example of 'design by committee', maybe. (Her sisters are now the Greek Lefka Ori and Sophocles V. - but these may soon be heading back to the Far East):



The enormous dining saloon on the topmost deck, rather resembling that of a 1930s ocean liner, rather than a 1990s ro-pax ferry:


Sunflower Ferry-branded cakes:

A most strange internal space:


Out on deck the next morning:

A dubious breakfast catering innovation - butter and jam in a single package:

Wildlife photography on deck:

Activities throughout the day:


Details of some of these activities:

Ah yes - the Scenic Grand Baths. This one was rather good with various temperatures of water in the pools:

Kitakami at the berth behind us back in Tomakomai:

More to follow!

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