Monday, 23 April 2012

Matsuyama, Kokura and Moji

Part 5 of my recent trip to Japan begins in Hiroshima Unija Port, from which I took a ferry to Matsuyama. From there, I took an overnight ferry to Kokura, then went to Moji by train.

The Shoyu Maru arriving at Unija:

En route to Matsuyama:

The Shoyu Maru's Special Class saloon:

New container ships being born:

Chandris bulk carrier offloading iron ore:

Sailing through narrows under bridges - it was a very picturesque and interesting ferry crossing:

Passing other ferries and cargo ships on the way to Matsuyama:

My next ship - Kansai Kisen's Ferry Kurushima - at Matsuyama:

The impressive ferry terminal:

With waterfront viewing gallery:

Alas, there was no time to visit Matsuyama's top tourist attraction, the Towel Museum:

The wedding chapel in the ferry terminal - an obvious and very useful facility:

Things strictly forbidden on the Ferry Kurushima:

My cabin:

Second Class dormitory:

Passengers camped out in the hallway eat late night snacks:

Arriving at Kokura:

Train to Moji:

Moji Station, copied from a Belgian precedent, I think:

Still more to follow!

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