Saturday, 21 April 2012

Kobe to Takamatsu, Uno and Shodoshima

Part 2 of my recent trip to Japan begins with a day trip across the Inland Sea from Kobe to Takamatsu on one of Jumbo ferry's two ro-pax vessels. Then, we go from Takamatsu first to Uno and back and then to Shodoshima and return by local ferry.

My first Japanese ferry ever - the Risturin II of Jumbo Ferry in Kobe:

Strange advertisement on a bench on deck:

A new bulk carrier is born at the Kawasaki shipyard:

En route from Kobe, we passed one ferry after another on the Inland Sea:

Soren Lund Hviid and a Japanese ship photographer, unknown to us:

Approaching Takamatsu, with Olive Line local ferries much in evidence:

Downtown Takamatsu:

Luncheon curry in Takamatsu:

 A local trainspotter in action:

On Olive Line's ferries, one can have a slash in full view of the saloon, while also enjoying panoramic views of the passing scenery through picture windows:

Is it the colour, or the fact that it's there at all, that's alarming this doggy?

Cute local ferry with unusual hull decorations:

Matthew Murtland proudly shows off the view from his hotel room window - a fine panorama of... breezeblock:

Evening light at Takamatsu Pier:


 Models of the ferry fleet serving Uno since the 1960s:

The vessel nowadays operating for Jadrolinija in Croatia as the Valun:

 One of the real things approaching Takamatsu:


Looks like a Japanese Burtons or Woolworths:

The shipyard at Uno with new bulk carriers being born:

The weather forecasters predict a typhoon - how exciting:

 The Panda ferry to Shodoshima Island:

And her charming fleetmate, the Giraffe ferry:

Onboard the Panda ferry - gotta love the funnels:

Blowing up a bit en route to Shodoshima:

A bus stop on Shodoshima:

The local dentist:

Warning - elderly crossing:

Really blowing up quite a lot:

The Giraffe ferry fails to dock due to the tempest - and so all sailings back to Takamatsu are cancelled:

The local ferry terminal's kind staff found us a seventies-tastic hotel in Shodoshima in which to spend the night:

The view from my room, overlooking the port:

Some of the hotel's marvellous signage:

Things seen in Shodoshima during an early evening walk around the town:

Back to the hotel for dinner:

Most charmingly, they tried to make British-style food to keep us happy:

What the stylish gentleman in Shodoshima wears to dinner these days:

The next morning, we returned to Takamatsu, then took another ferry to Uno:

Where we caught a train:

 Which looked like this inside:

Good old Leicester:

Back to Kobe:


 Heading for the port by local train:

More to follow soon.

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