Monday, 5 March 2012

Back to Helsinki

Silja Symphony in Stockholm in afternoon light:

Silja Festival bound for Riga:

Dinner in El Capitain on Silja Symphony:

Big tax-free shop:

Coming into Helsinki with evidence from 'the night before' arranged on the window ledge:

Viking XPRS:

Chilled dock workers:

Viking line funnels:

Princess Anastasia:

Belle Epoque Helsinki:

Me with the wonderful architect and interior designer Vuokko Ranin (Laakso), creator of so many outstanding passenger ship interiors in the 1960s-90s period:

Frozen departures from Helsinki:

Kalle made Karelian stew for dinner - and very fine it was too after a day spent mostly out in the cold:

Even Ville the cat was impressed:

Mr Kalle Id, who strangely prefers eating kitchen paper to Karelian stew. Top bloke and everything, but really he does have some odd habits like that.

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  1. I thought I actually look like I'm about to eat that napkin. :D In any case, thank for the fabulous extended weekend.