Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lord of the Isles

After the best part of a month stuck indoors, hammering away at a computer while the wind howled and the rain beat down outside, today I finally got out into fresh air and sunshine. As I had a pile of students' essays to mark, I took them with me to Ardrossan on the Clyde Coast and, from there, I sailed to Arran and back on Caledonian MacBrayne's MV Lord of the Isles. This ferry is an unusual Clyde visitor as she is usually based at Oban for Hebridean sailings.

 Approaching Ardrossan

 The sort of sign we like to see

 Cal Mac Chicken Korma

 Docking in Brodick - rather labour-intensive!

A dummy for chucking overboard to practice lifesaving drill

Heading back to Arran

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