Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Viking Cinderella cruise

A Friday night party cruise to Mariehamn on Viking Line's MS Cinderella  in July. Frankly, my expectations were low - after all, the cruise cost a lot less than a hotel room in Stockholm. Happily, Cinderella confounded my scepticism. I had a really wonderful experience onboard. 

The above image shows two other cruise ships in Stockholm - The World, anchored in Stockholms Strom, and Birka Paradise. Although the former is a residential cruise ship for the super-rich and the latter is a 22-hour party cruiser, in appearance, they are strikingly similar.

Viking Line's terminal.

 Cinderella arrives and meanwhile so do a vast fleet of coaches, bringing Swedes of all shapes, sizes and ages from the provinces for 22 hours of fun and relaxation onboard.

 Birka Paradise leaves for Visby and Bornholm:

The lovely old archipelago steamers Storskar and Blidosund set off on their evening sailings:

While Mariella leaves for Helsinki:

A big crowd of Cinderella passengers wait in the terminal:

Shining up the ship's name:

 My cabin - immaculately ship-shape:

One of Cinderella's more remarkable features is her three-level nightclub. Such places never look good in daylight, though:

The entrance hall:

The remarkable Art Nouveau-themed a la carte restaurant, originally called 'La Belle Epoque':

The 'Guimard' room adjacent: this takes its name from the famous Parisian Metro station architect. It's fascinating to see the 1900s filtered through the vision of a 1980s cruise ship interior architect (Robert Tillberg).

 The Viking Buffet:

 Out on deck, the weather was Mediterranean-like - and the bar came to the passengers:

Norrskar leaves Stockholm:

 ...and passes Aida Sol:

 Enjoying the sunshine as we pull away from the berth:

Amorella inbound from Turku:

 St Peter Line's Princess Anastasia:

 Details of some of Cinderella's passengers' attire:

 Altogether, my fellow passengers were an extremely diverse bunch - and included quite a large number of 'New Swedes' from Iraq, Iran, Palestine and elsewhere. One got a sense of Sweden being a very progressive, tolerant and well-integrated society and Cinderella provided a very wide choice of dining, shopping and entertainment to suit all tastes.

Passing through the narrows at Oxdjupet:

Time for dinner, which began with marinaded herrings:

 Then beef:

 Then fresh strawberries - a Viking line speciality, matching the company livery:

 (Dinner was excellent, incidentally)

 The nightclub in full swing with a lively Swedish dance band:

 The urinal bowls have advertisements so that male customers can contemplate their next drink while excreting the last one:

In the cafeteria, there was a duo playing traditional ballroom dancing tunes for the older passengers to dance to:

 Out on deck just after sunset:

Meanwhile, in the nightclub:

 The next morning, all was quiet:


After breakfast, all was still quiet:

 Passing Silja Europa off Kapellskar:


On our way into Stockholm, we passed Emerald Princess:

...whose passengers lined the railing to admire. No wonder - Cinderella is a very 'trevlig fartyg' indeed.

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