Wednesday, 8 June 2011


 A visit to Hamburg with thirty five students from The Glasgow School of Art at the end of April:

Luncheon: herrings and potato (with a beer) This is approximately where the North begins.

The sensational Chilehaus - mercantile expressionism of the 1920s.

Next, a visit to Der Spiegel's offices to document Werner Panton's remarkable surviving interior. Unfortunately, Der Spiegel are moving to new premises in the Autumn and the interior will be removed for display elsewhere:

Followed by a walk to Uberseebrucke and a harbour tour:

Cap San Diego (above) - Hamburg's elegant preserved 1960s cargo liner - and a new generation Rickmers-owned giant container ship, chartered to Maersk Line (below):

U-Bahn tilework:

City tour coach livery:

A visit to Cap San Diego, the 1960s cargo liner:

Next, Miniatur Wonderland, the world's biggest model railway, in a warehouse in the Hafen City:

Las Vegas by night:

Sweden in winter:

Hamburg football stadium in HO guage:

Hamburg Airport:

The planes really did taxi and take off:

The Swiss Alps:

A music festival:

Hamburg Art Deco:

The Hafen City's fine late-nineteenth century warehouses:

One of these houses the Maritime Museum, where there is the most amazing Lego model of Cunard's Queen Mary 2, being fitted out by little Lego shipyard workers:

U-Bahn station mosaic panel:

1950s signs:

An ice cream menu in a cafe serving ices in the form of burgers and chips and lasagnes, apparently:

The horribly sleazy Reeperbahn:

The best sight there is the U-Bahn station leading away:

Hamburg's new cruise terminal, where there are extensive public viewing galleries from which to watch the big ships. (Compare this with Porto Torres in my previous posting).

A walk through the St Pauli district:

A brutalist bomb shelter from the 1940s:

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  1. I so hope you are also going to give us full coverage of the Cap San Diego. What a great ship.

    Thank you for the architecture and signs, the design sweeps me away.