Sunday, 12 June 2011

Dramatis Personae at GSA

Glasgow School of Art's Annual Study Day in May brought Professor John Carey from Merton College, Oxford, to lecture on his recent book 'What Good Are The Arts?'

My very good friend - and first PhD student - Thom Gorst has just had his viva voce and passed. I'm proud of him and absolutely delighted that the examination went so well.

9th June - the opening night of the GSA Degree Show (known as 'City Night'). Several of my design students won prizes and distinctions for their dissertations. Here I am with Keith Tembo, Matthew Lowell and Hannah Moitt, graduating in Product Design.

The year's Degree Show controversy was provided by graduating artist Max Prus, whose video installation caused my colleagues sharp intakes of breath, increased heart rates and pearls of sweat on their brows due to its uncompromising content. Here we are on the Degree Show's Friends and Family Night (10th June). Max's proud, delighted and charming mother is in the centre.

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