Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Habib - a ferry to love

Tunisia Ferries' Habib (Arabic for 'love') was built by Werft Nobiskrug at Rendsburg in 1978 for services between Tunisia, France and Italy. Now aged 32 and having endured years of punishing use, she remains remarkably intact and is a wonderful surviving example of a West German-built ferry of the 1970s. Inboard, she's adorned with a remarkable array of fascinating paintings, tapestries and art works using Arabic calligraphy.

The nightclub - dark blue and cool in every respect

Cruet sets and an orange sofa in the restaurant

The lovely lido cafe and terrace - a unique feature on a ferry

Cabin details and shower cubicle in bright green

Splendid Tunisian tapestries adorning the hallway in First Class

Scenes from the souk in the Second Class hallway

A fine array of pictograms

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  1. Hey Bruce Peter........oh, hurrah. wonderful stuff. Thanks for being here with these. Mage a Lurker from LL....