Monday, 9 August 2010

Buses on Malta

On Malta, a remarkable variety of vintage buses and coaches are in everyday service. Many are British-built oldies 'pimped' by local coachbuilders. Others are remarkable locally-bodied confections. Apart from all having a basic white, orange and yellow livery, individual owners have added extra lining out and cute little holimies and sayings. Many are adorned with extra radiator badges - some quite basic vehicles displaying badges from much grander marques. Maltese buses are a feast for the eyes as no two are identical and many owners obviously take a great deal of pride in their vehicles' appearance.

Above: A heavily pimped Willowbrook-bodied AEC Reliance and a smart Duple Viceroy

Above: Various extraordinary locally-built confections

1970s British classics: details of a smart Plaxton Panorama Elite and a Duple Dominant II

Another heavily-rebuilt Dominant with a delightful message on the boot

The dash panels of an ECW-bodied Bristol LH (with social pretention) and a Willowbrook

Details of a Marshall-bodied Bedford

A vintage bus of an earlier generation

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  1. Great collection of old Beauties...
    Sadly missed but we must move on with the times I'm afraid...sure missed that orange Summer colour!
    Good day...