Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tableaux Vivants at The Glasgow School of Art

On Thursday evening, Glasgow School of Art students who had participated in my colleague Robyne Calvert's 'Artistic Dress' elective course staged 'tableaux vivants' in various locations around the Mackintosh Building. They were quite fantastically brilliant, I thought. So, kudos to Robyne and to everybody who took part.

A group photograph on the front steps:

The Aesthetic Movement, Glasgow-style, staged in the Mackintosh Library. It was as though the Pre-Raphaelites, Byron, Mackintosh, MacDonald  et al were in the room:

This dress was amazing - made by the student from scratch:

Re-staging Oscar Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet from The Bauhaus:

Flappers from the Paris Lido in the latter-1920s:

A Romantic tableau depicting Persephone and Hades:

Contemporary Japanese artistic dress in this Cosplay tableau:

See what can be achieved!

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