Saturday, 3 November 2012

Amusement World

Last weekend, Jonathan Boonzaier very kindly arranged a magnificent trip to Penang in Malaysia to sail on the MS Amusement World - originally Swedish Lloyd's Patricia of 1967 and pretty much the last large(ish) passenger ship of her era to remain in service. We flew from Singapore and joined the Amusement World for her overnight casino cruise to nowhere, returning to Penang the next morning.

Singapore Changi Airport:

Jungle garden:

Swimming pool with poolside bar:

Air Asia Airbus:

The queue for take-off:

Penang Airport - still under construction:

Driving into Penang:

The Georgetown-Butterworth cross-harbour ferry:

Plinthed locomotives at Butterworth:

Malaysian Railways train with decrepit diesel generator car:

The return ferry - payment in shillings:


 Late-afternoon in Georgetown:

Time for tiffin at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel:

A good place.

Amusement World arrives:

Promenade deck:



Superstar Libra departs:

Onboard Amusement World:

Dinner time:

It was actually very good:

Improvised tripod:

 Out on deck at night:


Indoor diversions:

The vehicle deck had been converted into an Egyptian-themed casino called 'The Pharaoh's Chamber':

Next morning:


Extra ventilation plant on the aft deck:

Interiors in daylight:



Arriving back in Penang:


A good reason to not go paddling in Penang harbour:

Amusement World departs on her day cruise:

Part 3 to follow shortly!


  1. Travelled on this ship when she was the Patricia, from Southampton to Bilbao, 1967, 1969, 1971 and last voyage 1973. I was six years old on our first voyage and twelve years on our last. Travelled with family for our Spanish holidays every other xmas, have many happy memories of this vessel.

  2. I have a lots of memories of this boat i worked as watchkeeper eng'r. from 2001 to 2006