Thursday, 21 June 2012

D&F Models

Ever since I was a small child, D&F Models in Bell Street in Glasgow's Merchant City has been one of my favourite shops. As a child, I went there to get model railway stuff, then as a student, it was an indispensible source of plasticard, balsa wood, scalpel blades, sandpaper and all of the other items necessary for making architectural models to the necessary high standard of refinement. The ever-lovely owners David and Irene Davies have now retired and so an era has come to an end. I shall miss them:

Then and now:

Myriad items to bring joy to chaps:

While, for ladies of all ages, everything imaginable for the well-equipped dolls' house:

Boxes of dogs and cats:

Kitchen utensils for dolls' houses:

Mothercare in miniature (also for dolls' houses):

Sanitary ware:

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