Thursday, 1 December 2011

Thom Gorst's Graduation on 30th November

A very proud day - Thom Gorst, my first ever PhD student, graduated at Glasgow University. I was absolutely thrilled - and, even moreso as my friend and co-author Professor Donald E. Meek gained the title Doctor of Letters on account of his substantial and impressive lifetime's research work. Notwithstanding the rain, it was a very happy day.

 Before the ceremony: Thom and I (above) and Thom with daughter Hannah (below):

Inside the Bute Hall at Glasgow University:

Thom comes forward to be capped and to receive his certificate:

After the ceremony:

Thom, me and Donald E. Meek:

Donald E. Meek and friends/colleagues:

 Champagne, courtesy of my friends at Stena Line:

To The Rogano for luncheon:

 The interior is magnificent; it dates from 1936 and is a swish and very intact oasis of Art Deco:


 My starter - Mmmmmm!

It was a good luncheon.

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